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Producer's Confidential 
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Episode 0


This is a super exclusive podcast that takes you into the world of entertainment. Journey behind the scenes to the reality behind the reality. Where you’ll hear stories from the stars, producers, directors and their crew, with your hosts Leslie D. Farrell and Dorothy Toran. Instagram: @producersconfidential
 Twitter: @producersconfi1
Episode 1


Join Leslie and Dorothy as they talk to the one and only basketball great Shaquille O’Neal and his long-time friend, Kelley Hardwick, CEO of an elite celebrity Security Firm. Shaq talks about his rap days and working with Biggie Smalls. What goes on behind all those pranks on INSIDE THE NBA. Why being “the biggest DJ in the world” is his passion. And why he decided to become a reality star. While Kelley lets us in on some of her trade secrets, like wearing a disguise to keep the paparazzi from getting photos of Teresa Guidice, from the Real Housewives of New Jersey, when she was just released from prison. And what happened when she hired the “biggest, football player like guys” for security on the red carpet when Drake showed up with his entourage. Those stories and more on PRODUCER'S CONFIDENTIAL . So please hit play! Email the show: Follow us: Instagram: @producersconfidential
 Twitter: @producersconfi1
Episode 2


If you've ever wondered what it would be like to test your survival skills then this is the episode for you. Take a trip into the wilderness with the executive producers of the hit reality show NAKED and AFRAID. Get ready to squirm and squeal when STEVE RANKIN and MATHILDE BITTNER talk about their unforgettable experiences on location. They've survived snake bites, killer bees, and evil spirits and that's just some of the heart thumping stories they've lived to tell on this edition of PRODUCER'S CONFIDENTIAL! Email the show: Follow us: Instagram: @producersconfidential  
Twitter: @producersconfi1